Duct Damper

Installed in branches of Air Distribution ducts, these Opposed Blade Dampers are used to carry out a rough air system balance with closer control being carried out at the individual Grilles or Diffusers. Available in aluminium or galvanized steel.Motorized version available.

  • Aerofoil/‘V’-groove profile opposed blades
  • Gear/steel linkage driven
  • Double nylon bushing for friction free operation

Model: Aluminium Sheets– Series


  • Description:- Alu. Extruded with aerofoil design, low leakage type Opposed Blade Volume Control Duct Damper.Double nylon bushing for friction free operation. suitable for manual operation.


GI Sheet { Galvanized Iron Sheets } Series:

  • Description:- 18G. G.I. Fabricated frame with 20G. V groove blades, Opposed Blade Volume Control Duct Damper with double nylon bushing for friction free operation. Suitable for manual operation.


  • Standard Size: Neck Size
  • Shape: Square, Rectangle
  • Material Thickness: 1.0mm


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