Aerosense Differential Pressure Switch

the series of pressure switches Aerosense Differential Pressure Switch is the most updated one.Generally, they are applied in the fan, blower and filter monitoring as well as to measure the pressure and flow of gases & liquids in different industries. Enabled with the effective mechanism these switches have high-tech features & specifications such as selectable switching point adjustment and measurement unit facility in PA.Several additional accessories are also provided for the ease of users that primarily include metallic duct connectors,plastic dust connectors, and fixing screws.


  • Pressure and flow monitoring
  • Two fixing screws
  • Metallic duct connectors


  • Medium: Air, Non-Combustible and Non-Aggressive Gasses
  • Electrical Rating: 1.5A (0.4A) / 250V
  • Usage: Control Switch


Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Number

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